3 SEO Trends You Have to Follow In 2018

3 SEO Trends You Have to Follow In 2018

We’ve just started our way through 2018 and, as usual, Google and SEO trends are dynamic, exciting, and keeping us all on our toes. If you’ve still not planned a strategy for this year, or yours is flopping instead of flying, here are three trends you absolutely should be following.

search engine optimisation1. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP)

AMP is Google’s latest initiative for building better and more user-friendly mobile web. What they’ve done is introduce a new standard for building web content for mobile. Essentially, it’s a set of rules that make up a simpler version of HTML that ensures pages load quicker across mobile devices. That means your customers can find you faster, wherever they are, and whenever they need to.

2. Machine Learning Changing How Algorithms Work

Last year, Google released Google RankBrain, opening the way for algorithmic machine learning. This extension of Google’s Hummingbird works to help us learn more about how users phrase their queries and then updates it algorithm accordingly. In terms of SEO, it means you can keep a beady eye on what your market is searching for and work in line with their terms and phrases.

3. Personal Branding

We’ll let you in on a secret: the number one weapon for 2018 SEO is personal branding. It needs to be your core strategy. Moreover, with a personal brand, it’s easier to secure guest posts, drive more traffic to your site, and build greater trust with users. Regarding social media platforms; Facebook continues to refine its algorithms in favour of individual posts as opposed to branded posts, so you need to opt for personal branding if you haven’t already.

What are these 3 SEO strategies set to do for you this year? They’re going to bring you new opportunities and with that comes more competition. Don’t drop the ball on SEO this year – contact Digital Soul Design for a consultation.

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