Internet Marketing Techniques Using Guerrilla Tactics

Internet Marketing Techniques Using Guerrilla Tactics

When you’re thinking about internet marketing, you probably know that it’s very easy to put a lot of money in for very little return – as a professional internet marketing firm, we want you to experience the opposite.

Internet marketingIf you invest a little money in the right ways, the returns can be excellent, and one of the best ways to maximise your returns is via guerrilla internet marketing – also sometimes called gorilla internet marketing.  This is a very economical approach to marketing and advertising on the internet  which uses simple but effective techniques that echo real-world guerrilla marketing examples.

Out in the real world, guerrilla marketing means creating an ad-rich environment in a place where people both spend a fair amount of time, and don’t expect to see your ad.  A classic example is stamping pound notes with your web address.  Now, as an internet marketing firm, we won’t be inking up our stamps and emblazoning on your brand new £10 notes, but many of the theories are the same.

Guerrilla Tactics with Our Internet Marketing Firm: Guest Blogging

When looking for opportunities for guerrilla internet marketing, look on the web for blogs and sites that are related to your own website or business’ niche.  Reach out to them, and offer to write for their blog for free.  Most of the time, they will welcome free new content, and in return you get your name and brand visible on related websites alongside some great web content.  That’s free advertising, and when we do guerrilla style internet marketing, that is what our firm loves best.

Guerrilla Tactics with Our Internet Marketing Firm: Take Over 404 Pages

While you’re networking with other bloggers and website owners, discuss the possibility of cross-promoting on each other’s 404 pages.  These are the pages that pop up when someone tries to visit a page that doesn’t exist on your website, and commonly they happen as a result of mistyped URLs and typos.  That’s a prime guerrilla marketing opportunity!  Exchange banners on other sites’ 404 pages and you’ll be creating a free ad network that works passively.

Guerrilla Internet Marketing in Email

Email marketing is everywhere.  Most of us have tried it, and most of us have decided it’s just not worth it.  With our internet marketing strategies, we’d like to invite you to take a second look at email marketing, with a twist. Most email marketing today isn’t even read by consumers – it’s read by other advertisers, looking for tips for their own email marketing campaigns.  For that reason, email marketing tactics aren’t changing. Everyone is simply doing more of what they believe is already successful.

A new approach to internet marketing is to do something simple and radical: get to know your readers, and send emails that are relevant and interesting – get away from the urgent calls to action, and make your email valuable. This will help establish you as an expert in your field, and it will cut down on spam complaints.

Guerrilla Marketing Tips from Our Internet Marketing Firm: Create Excellent Content

No matter what your business is, constantly creating good content is the key to any internet marketing strategy. That means not only constantly updating your own site with new content, but also creating great content across your social media profiles, in your guest blog articles, on partners’ 404 pages, in your email content, and everywhere else your brand touches a reader.  One thing we’ve learned at our internet marketing firm is that internet consumers love great, concise, easy-to-digest content that tells them what they want to know – if you can identify that, and create content that addresses that desire, you’re halfway there.

Content across all these platforms should be unique, it’s true, to avoid the SEO hit that comes with duplicate content, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend all your time writing.  Older content can be repurposed – just give it a quick rewrite to ensure it’s unique. Snippets taken from a rewrite of old content can be unique, engaging content across many platforms.

If you’re ready to take your internet advertising and marketing efforts to the next level, including guerrilla internet marketing, contact Digital Soul internet marketing today.

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