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Enhancing the Reel Service brand and digital presence

Reel Service Ltd is the largest semiconductor, electro-mechanical and mechanical component finishing service and materials provider in Europe providing complete component solutions for device manufacturers, distributors, contract assembly providers and end users. They approached us requiring a brand refresh and new responsive website.

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What we did

We created an online and offline strategy for Reel Service. The outcome of the research suggested that the brand should be an evolution of their old brand. This modernised the look and feel of the company. We did this by introducing a new font, redrawing and vectorising their old brand device. We then created a stronger colour pallet and a new suite of photography. The new brand visual language has been applied through all its digital communications.

The new WordPress CMS responsive website was designed to convert leads and customers visiting the site. We also implemented a ‘tape search’ function where the website serves as a tool for customers looking for specific tape sizes. This enabled Reel Service to save costs and time on customers who’d previously phone to enquire.

The brand and online strategy has succeeded in it’s aims to modernise the business without losing any of it’s previous brand values and personality, allowing its device manufacturers, distributors, contract assembly providers and end user customers to continue to identify with Reel Service.

The Results?

Increase in traffic in first year of relaunch 30%
Website conversion increases over the last year 35%

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