The Social Media Trends That Have Been Dominating The Year… So Far

The Social Media Trends That Have Been Dominating The Year… So Far

There is no doubt that social media is one of the fastest changing industries there is. And whatever the changes are, the results always have a huge impact. Here are the social media trends that have been dominating 2017 so far.

1. Social Messaging

Social networks seem to be a bigger focus than social messaging, which we think is strange considering that messaging apps reach a much wider community of users. Between the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat, there are more users than you will find on Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. If you’re not taking advantage of social media messaging platforms, it’s time to start. On Facebook, for instance, when you click on an ad it can take you directly to a chat window to talk with the brand.

2. Live Video

Social media is taking the concept of live video to an entirely new level by offering real-time content. First made popular by Twitter’s Periscope, even Facebook has launched Facebook Live. Social videos, moreover, have greater engagement than any other form of content. As for Instagram, the platform is testing a live video option, too. Social media, this year, is all about authentic, live content. It enables your customers to truly interact with you, build trust, and give credibility to your brand.

3. Down with Fake News!

You’ve no doubt heard the term “fake news.” Since the internet has become the main news source, there has been a rise in fake stories from sites deliberately publishing click-bait to entice readers. Now, social media platforms are taking stringent steps to curb fake news appearing on their sites. The “outlets” are no longer permitted to advertise on Facebook, for example. Millennials, in particular, value honesty, and the more transparent your brand is on social media, the more your company will shine.

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