Action on Sectarianism

Action on Sectarianism

Who They Are

Action on Sectarianism shares the best resources, campaign and educational initiatives from across Scotland to effect long-term, lasting change in sectarian behaviour. It is the destination website for information and resources for tackling sectarianism in Scotland.

By working with community groups, councils, organisations, schools, businesses, government agencies and academics, they reach out to anyone interested in their cause, bringing the best of their knowledge and expertise to Action on Sectarianism.

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What We Did

Our team won a two-stage tender contract to create the first independent public website for YouthLink Scotland and the National Agency for Youth Work, in partnership with the Scottish Government.

We developed a new online digital and brand strategy for the organisation, focusing on reaching out to their specific audience of young people, adults, practitioners, and other peer organisations.

We ran a series of Discovery workshops to gain valuable insight into the organisation and the third sector overall. This helped us create an online strategy using online and social media channels to maximise brand awareness and grow their audience base.

Action on Sectarianism has grown year after year, with a new recent redesign of their site building even stronger growth for 2017.

Social awareness increase 80%
Increase in visitors the site in 1 year 45%
Funding increase 20%

It’s time to stop surviving on the web – let us help you thrive and grow!

+44 (0) 1334 845125  |

15 Bell Street St, Andrews,
Scotland, UK KY16 9UR

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