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Coco Splash

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Helping Dash Organics launch a new organic coconut water

Coco Splash is a brand new organic coconut water launched in the market by Dash Organics Ltd in 2016. Dash Organics were at the very beginning of their marketing efforts for this product.

Coco Splash
Coco Splash logo
Coco Splash
Coco Splash
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What we did

We suggested a new brand strategy to the client to maximise ROI. We started with getting to know Dash Organics as a business and  researching their competitors before providing a solution that would not only stand out from the shelf but compete with other brands. The brand we created for Coco Splash reflected their personality and core ethic values.

We created their name Coco Splash for the product and developed unique branding and packaging that focused on the ethics and personality of Dash Organics.

Their target market was females aged 35+ with a light hearted and playful personality. We were able to create a brand image that reflected these values and carried this through into the design of the packaging and their target consumers would gravitate towards based on its shelf image and brand personality.

The Results?

Increase in brand awareness for the first year 85%
Amazon sales increase in second year 20%

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