Tayside Mountain Rescue

Tayside Mountain Rescue

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Creating a new online and offline brand strategy to increase awareness and grow their audience locally and nationally

Tayside Mountain Rescue team is a registered charity. It’s a voluntary emergency service based in Tayside Scotland and is supported by the public serving the public. For the last 5 years we’ve worked together to grow Tayside Mountain Rescue as an organisation.

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What we did

Our integrated online and offline strategy has raised the profile of Tayside Mountain Rescue by increasing brand awareness locally and nationally. By integrating a social media strategy through the website we have converted a high flow of traffic to the site, gaining leads and converting new donors.

We created their new branding and brand style – commissioning new photography and weaving this through a new WordPress responsive website, print and exhibition materials, vehicle livery and social media channels.

The results are fantastic. Donors are up 85% and Facebook audience has also increased 30% in two years.

The Results?

Increase in Donors 85%
Social awareness increase 30%
Increase in brand awareness in first year 60%

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